Emergncy Response Services Nigeria Ltd

On-Site Clinics

  • Medical incidents and emergencies in remote locations can quickly result in large costs to an organization, including injuries or fatalities
  • The average age of workers is rising and chronic conditions are more common among workers who may not be properly managing such conditions
  • Employers now manage more health issues than ever, with rising costs
  • Services currently provided by HMOs are not sufficient for remote or industrial locations
Establishments that will benefit from a dedicated site clinic include:
  • Oil and Gas Producing Sites
  • Mining SitesCommercial Farms
  • Industrial Sites
  • Large, remote construction projects
Range of Services
  • Primary health evaluation and care
  • Clinical services with focus on preventive health and employee wellness
  • On-site emergency medical stabilization and response by trained personnel
  • Ambulance Services and Emergency Evacuation
Benefit to Employer
  • Expert support in health risk management
  • Continuous on-site health risk assessment and safety audits
  • Reduce health care costs such as consultation fees, expensive medication etc.
  • Increase productivity by reducing time lost due to going offsite for medical care